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The Original YP is part of The Original YP Network. Our network has the single goal of maximizing business exposure to new customers through the benefits of custom-designed ads, priority placement on our network websites, increased web traffic & search engine exposure, direct website links, and more!

Search Engine Exposure

At The Original YP Network, we create, design, and publish enhanced listings for our customers that will appear on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engine sites. Your business information will show up on over 97% of all search engines.

One Low Yearly Rate

The Original YP Network offers an annual cost bases of approximately $385.00 per year for the services we provide and it's ALL CONTRACT FREE.

Custom Advertisment

The Original YP Network we create your ad and list under your business classification. Your companies advertising will appear 24/7 online. By advertising on The Original YP Network your business is listed with more search engines, navigation, and mobile websites than most other companies.

Priority Placement

Our product levels the playing field and has them competing for online traffic in ways other companies don't provide.

Performance Report

The Original YP Network provides a monthly and yearly detailed performance report that lists the number of searches by classification, city, state, area code and more. The performance reports are all results from United States searches; statistics generated by IIS Log protocol the IIS Logs are directly tied to the atomies database structure.
The Original YP Network has always been a "contract free" company. Every year we send a renewal invoice to active customers. Each customer has the option to renew and update their current listing.
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Our Story

The Original YP Network has expanded over 20+ years of providing local, regional and national businesses with search exposure opportunities.
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Yellow Page Directory Services, Inc. DBA The Original YP Network was launched with the single goal of providing a cost-effective way to help businesses attract new customers. In the early years, our main product was the printed directory used by businesses throughout the United States.

Original YP 1st logo

Turn of the Century


The Original YP Network continued to create new advertising solutions to benefit our customers and prospective customers. We expanded into the digital age and started The Original YP Network.

Original Yellow (www.originalyellow.com) was first published and utilized by businesses and search engines in the United States. As search tools improved and the electronic media market evolved The Original YP Network became one of the leaders in electronic business advertising.

Original YP 2003 Cover

Going Greener


As the opportunities of the internet were rising and our network began to gather an online presence, we decided to take a greener approach with discontinuing our physical directories (books) in favor of the more commonly accessed websites. Since then, our carbon footprint has been closing in on neutral.

Tree in Computer

A Landmark in Search Directories


Our network has grown sufficiently, The Original YP Network had over 575,000,000 searches from United States Based IP's. Our network blocks all Foreign IP's and allows ONLY IP's from the United States to access our database. We updated our logos throughout our network in the celebration.

Original YP Logo

Continue Growing Together


The Original YP Network - We get your business listed on more websites, search engines, navigation and mobile websites than just about any other business provider. Your business information will show up on over 97% of all search engines.

We walk towards greater things in the years to come. We hope to have you there with us. Click to join our network today.

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On the go? Download The Original YP Network Mobile App on both iOS and Android devices. Find local, regional and national businesses throughout the United States. Click below or scan the QR code on this page to be taken to The Original YP Network Mobile App.
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